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Hello guest :-)
Thank you for visiting my webpage. It is dedicated to my hobby and presents my collection of microprocessors. I collect since December 2004. That was a long time ago so I have saved around more than 2300 different units to this moment. My narrow interests include only CPUs and FPUs (math coprocessors).   

I would like to thank to all people who donated, traded and contacted with me.

At 30 April 2011 I have made huge changes in website :

  • migration from joomla 1.0 to 1.5
  • migration from PonyGallery to JoomGallery
  • add polish forum
  • old components updated to latest versions
  • security updates like i.e. recaptcha, encrypted data when registering and login
  • and some others
Please report me if you find something that doesn't works correctly.

2015 Year info : After 10 years my collection feels good and it is growing up without downtime :) I hope to have some more time to update picture gallery :-/


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